Thursday, July 12, 2012


Neurologists came in this morning with results of the MRI.  There was some hyper-intensity in his brain on both sides, which just shows some immaturity in the brain, but they weren't too concerned about it and didn't feel that is was connected to the seizures.  They said his brain should continue to develop normally, but that it just seems like some of the physical development is just happening a little slow.  But, it will catch up.

With that, they weren't able to be conclusive regarding the cause of the seizures.  Levi did have the lumbar puncture yesterday to test for multiple issues, many of them being malabsorption problems.  In other words, they're checking to see if there are certain substances that his body is not absorbing correctly.  For instance, the vitamin B6 issue would be a malabsorption issue.  We'll have some results within a couple of days, but most of them will take as much as two to three weeks.  If it is not a malabsorption issue, they said it is likely to be a genetic problem.

They have prescribe steroids for Levi and want to keep him here for a couple of days to observe him while he gets started.  He will take these steroids for 4-6 weeks and then we'll have a follow up appointment with another EEG (NO FUN!!), which means we could be here for another couple of days 4-6 weeks from now.  Depending on results at that time, they may change his medication.  The doctor also gave me SOME hope that this is something he could grow out of.  Of course, this is after I asked.  :)

All of that said, I have to share this:  Since we've been here, Levi has actually reached a few developmental mile stones!!  Hearing this, the neurologist said that most children with his condition would be doing the opposite which made him fairly confident that Levi will be just fine developmentally!!  This just goes to prove that God is way bigger than our physical situations!

 A couple of pics of Levi this morning.  Too busy playing and climbing to take a decent picture.


  1. We are continuing to stand with you in prayer and are thankful for the progress that Levi is making!

    Love & prayers!

    Don White

  2. We are praying and thinking of you all through this. Wevlovevyou. Stay strong for god is with you.
    Love e