Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Alone 2

That' right.  I planned the title for this post before I titled the last one.  The good thing is that since there were like five of those movies, I can write like three more posts before I have to come up with a creative title again.  The bad thing is my sense of humor.  But, I digress.

So, Levi is doing well.  He had four seizure on Friday, two yesterday, and none, so far, today.  He's doing pretty well taking his medication, which I can tell is starting to affect him.  Apparently steroids make you pee your entire body weight by the end of each day (this may be a slight stretch...) so Levi has had the most full diapers EVER.  Not a big issue to deal with so I'm not complaining.  The steroids are also having the usual side effects - irritability, aggressive behavior, hyper-activity.  As many of you will know, Levi is a very active child.  If I turn my back on him for more than three seconds he has either climbed up on top of the highest piece of furniture in the room or he has put some sort of choke hazard in his mouth.  In between climbing and eating everything, he runs.  There is no walking with him, only running and climbing.  That's pretty much a normal day with Levi.  So, now please imagine that sweet normal Levi with a little (or large) steroid boost.  Levi on steroids is even more active, but with a pinch of aggressive and a dollop of cranky.  But, he's still my sweet boy and I wouldn't have him any other way.

In other news, we broke down and bought wrist watches yesterday.  If Levi does have a seizure we have to be able to time it accurately and our phones just weren't cutting it.  It actually feels really weird to wear a watch again, but I'm getting used to it.  Of course our watch purchase is completely irrelevant to how Levi is doing, so feel free to skip this part.  Oops.  Too late.  I guess I should have said that before hand instead of after.  Sorry.

So, overall we're all doing well.  We're tired.  I'm still nervous about being able to properly parent a child who has seizures.  But, I have a firm belief that God gives kids the parents that they need to have and parents the kids that they need to have.  So, God must think we can do it.  So, we will.  With Him, we will!

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