Saturday, May 15, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

My heart started racing at the creaking of the door as it opened. He's home! After a long day of hard work for both of us, Jeremiah was home. Before I could pull my lazy bones from the couch, he announced his presence and Toby, who had been sitting quietly playing with his favorite Handy Manny musical ride on toy, dropped what he was doing and bolted for his dad. He couldn't see him yet, but Toby heard his daddy's voice and that's all it took. He met his dad at the doorway with a wide smile and open arms. Jeremiah was obviously delighted at such a greeting.
A little later, the two were sitting on the floor playing with blocks. Jeremiah got up and left the room, and again Toby dropped what he was doing and went chasing after his daddy. But this time was different. On his treck through the living room, Toby passed his beloved puzzles, the pieces scattered all over the floor. He slowed as he noticed they were there, but then continued on, for a moment, after his daddy. Then he stopped completely and turned back to look at his puzzles. He looked back in Jeremiah's direction and then back at the puzzles. He was contemplating.... puzzles or Daddy? Such a hard decision! After a long moment of deliberation, Toby made his choice. He returned to the puzzles.
Humorously, Jeremiah returned to the room and mentioned Toby's first response. "God spoke to me about that," he said. "It was so amazing to have my son come chasing after me at just the sound of my voice and God reminded me of how he loves when we pursue Him after hearing His voice." What a great reminder! It encouraged me to pursue my Father, my Daddy, when He calls. So often I hear His voice and start moving toward Him but end up distracted by the puzzle pieces around me. And, eventually, I forget that He was even there with me, in the same room, whispering my name.