Friday, May 25, 2012

Table Salt

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."  -Stephen King

I totally stole this quote from a friend on facebook.  First, this friend, one of my voice teachers from school, has earned the right to post such a quote as I consider him to be very successful.  Patrick Howle is an excellent teacher, an amazing performer, and has one of the most beautiful baritone voices that I have had the privilege to hear.  If you ask me, he's up there with Sam Ramey (whom I have met-just to brag a little).  Why?  He works hard.

The other day, I went to a local production of "Fiddler on the Roof".  It was actually an amazing performance, especially considering that we're a smaller community.  But this small community is one that values the arts and therefore, I got to see a beautiful performance of Fiddler with a Tevye who could almost stand in for Topol.  Almost.  The thing is, as I sat there in those rickety theater seats, I felt like I was home, like I belonged there.  I always do.  Every time I find myself sitting in front of a stage I can't help but feel like I was created to be on the stage.  Don't get me wrong, it's not about getting the lead role and having bouquets of flowers thrown at me as I end a performance with the perfect high C, or D,.... or E. (Though that would be a cool experience)  I'd be happy to be in the chorus, as an extra, just filling in the background and helping to set the stage (ha. literally!) for the actual diva.  No.  It's not about being the center of attention.  It's about doing what I was made to do.  It's about filling an entire room with music that echoes through every body in the room. 

Since I graduated with my bachelors in music degree almost six years ago, I've gotten married, had two children and somehow managed to be just busy and/or lazy enough to lose sight of my aspirations.  I've barely practiced and I have lost a lot of my vocal ability.  I still want to return to school and get my graduate degree, but it's going to take at least a year, maybe two, just to get my voice back into shape and be prepared for graduate auditions.  You'd think that being a stay-at-home mom would leave me all the time in the world, but somehow I manage to just keep up with life and not much more.  How you working moms do it - I don't know. 

Now, I don't plan on abandoning my children and husband to chase my dreams - after God, they're my highest calling and this is my season of Mom, but I do want to be prepared for the next step.  However that looks and whenever it is, I somehow need to make the time and muster up the motivation to work hard and be the best at what God has created me to be - wife and mom first, musician, singer, diva, composer, actor, director - whatever helps me best glorify my God.  I just want it to be worth more than a little table salt.  I want to be worth my weight in gold.  (Which considering my actual weight, could be alot!) :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

[5in5] Day 5: Bless You and Keep You

This one was written as a huge group effort.  Props to Dennis Jamison, Michelle Jamison, Shelden Jamison, Molly Jamison, Autumn Bedore, and Keira Luntsford (that's me! :)

May the Lord bless you and keep you
Let his face shine on you
And be gracious  unto you
Let his countenance shine through you
And give you peace

May His presence rain upon you
May you know His grace
Would that you would know his glory
As you see His face

He is ever faithful.  He is always there.

Jesus.  Immanuel. Prince of Peace. Mighty God.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

[5in5] Day 4: Dandelions

Breaking ground, planting seeds
Turning dirt and pulling weeds
Tend the garden, help it grow...  ow ow
But one nuisance will not go
those Dandelions

Sometimes the little things get in the way;
Try to remove them but they stay
Just look past them and enjoy the day
Just Ignore...
those Dandelions

Take a deep breath, soak in the sun
Here comes kiddo number one
Holds out his hand, opens his fist... oh oh
Offering Mom a beautiful gift
of Dandelions

Sometimes the little things that get in the way
Surprisingly they brighten up my day
A heartfelt gift that makes me say
I Adore...
those Dandelions

How'd this unwelcome guest become so wonderful?
A dozen dozen roses couldn't be as beautiful.

Paint a picture with my life
May my Lord be glorified
Even though I try my best
So often I just make a mess
But my best is all I have
So I'm Offering....
My Dandelions

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[5in5] Day 3: Bless the Lord

Bless the Lord
Oh my soul
Let all that is within me
Bless His holy name

Oh my soul
Bless the Lord
Don't forget His goodness

Let creation sing with all the heavens
Let the earth bless His holy name

Bless the Lord
Oh my soul
Let all that is within me
Bless His holy name

Oh my soul
Bless the Lord
Remember His amazing love
His perfect and redeeming love
His always and forever love
Bless the Lord

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[5in5] Day 2: FOR THE WORLD


Six AM,  I just want to sleep in
My babies are up with the sun again
I'm going crazy
Just want to stay in my bed

I was up all night just trying to write
Some music that would shed some light
On this craziness
That's going on in my head

I can't remember a full night of sleep
I'd like to get the chance to just count sheep

Laundry's piling everywhere
Almost out of underwear
Mold in the shower
Who has time for romance?

Snot and Slobber, Orajel
Diapers from the pit of xxxx
I need a shower
If I can just get the chance

I had a date today with Mr. Clean
But he took off as soon as he heard my teething baby scream

But it's worth it
Yah it's worth it
I wouldn't trade it
For the World.

Monday, May 14, 2012

[5in5] Day 1: LET GO


Grasping at straws
Watching them slip through my fingers
It's time for a pause
Just to let go and remember

Handing my worries over to You
Leaving my burdens at Your feet

I'm gonna let go
Surrender control
My life's not my own
I'm gonna abdicate this throne
That I built for me

I'm trusting the Lord
I'm not gonna lean on what I know
Cuz I can't afford
To keep thinking I am in control

Handing my worries over to You
Leaving my burdens at Your feet

I'm gonna let go
Surrender control
My life's not my own
I'm gonna abdicate this throne
That I built for me