Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good News!!

Good News!!  The head neurologist just paid us a visit and said that Levi's condition is pretty positive considering the circumstances!  After further observation, they are finding that the background activity in his brain during non-seizure moments is not typical for his condition.  From what I understood, in most cases of infantile spasms, there is irregular brain activity even during non-seizure times, but for Levi the more dangerous irregular activity only occurs during the seizure.  This is a sign that the condition shouldn't cause any developmental delays.  They said he is still having the spasms, but they think that since he presented symptoms so much later than most (it usually presents as early as 2 months) that the effects on his development will probably be minimal.  Nothing is conclusive of course, but he was more on the positive side.  Levi does have some slowing in the left side of his brain and they will be trying to determine the cause of this with the tests today - MRI, lumbar puncture and blood work - at around 1:30.

The other good news is that they have finally removed the EEG probes!!!  My baby is free to wonder around again without constraint! 

Please continue to be praying about the results of today's testing since the cause of the seizures are unknown and could still require serious treatment.  BUT, overall, the neurologist's outlook is a bit more positive than it was yesterday afternoon!!  Thank you JESUS!!

We'll keep you posted!

Here are a few more pics of Levi with his "hat", without his "hat", and with the probes ALL GONE!!

Levi with his baby who also had an EEG.  Too sweet not to share

After the gauze was removed, but still connected to the probes.

ALL DONE!!!  No more probes!  No more wires to trip over!  We went to the playroom after this!


  1. All I can say is Thank you, Jesus!
    I'm glad there was finally some positive news. So happy that he is free to get around and play, too.
    Love you and miss you! We'll keep praying over here :)

    1. Thanks P! Yah, I feel like we can face whatever treatment necessary as long as all of this doesn't change who he is.