Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, since I don't have much time to write at the moment, I figured I'd at least add something... a poem I wrote my husband. I don't remember when I wrote it, maybe for our wedding or our first Valentines Day? Anyway, I figured I should give my readers something to read.....oh wait, I don't think I have any readers, yet. Well, here's the poem...


I don't remember when it was
That I first knew I loved you.
I don't know when.
I don't know how.
But, I know it happened.
I know I did it.
I know I fell in love.
And it was with you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

here I am

Here I am...., finally. I have officially joined the blogging community. I now have a soapbox to stand upon. Whether people will listen, I don't know. But, I have my platform now, so hear my voice!! my lips.....if you're out there.