Friday, August 17, 2012

Biking and Pajama Snacks

So, I finally feel like we're kind of catching up on life since we spent a week in the hospital and have had mountains of paper work and bills to catch up on.  We paid off the last of our debt this week (save the thousands of dollars of medical bills that we've now accumulated).  And, we're starting to get acclimated to life with a baby on scary medicine (he's doing great by the way).  All in all,  life is moving forward!  

J is working alot of extra hours, partially to make up for time missed, but mostly because he has a huge project due in a couple of months.  He worked from 8am to 3am the other day, which, unfortunately, is not necessarily a rare occurance.  He frequently works 8am to 9 or 10pm, but makes sure to get an evening or two a week at home with the fam.  Lately we've been biking together on his nights off.  We load the boys into our little bicycle trailer.  They're so cute all cramped up in that tiny, little space, bump bumping down the road.  (I wish I had a picture.)

The weather here has been so gorgeous, which has made our little jaunts so refreshing.  We'll usually go to a park and let the boys out to play and then take the long way home.  The boys laugh and talk through the whole ride.  I love it.  It makes the extra-long stay-at-home-mom days more bearable to have that quality time as a family.  I am truly blessed with an amazing family.

On a completely different note, I just gave my boys each a granola bar to snack on.  Toby must be growing as he's constantly complaining that he's hungry.  I, being the responsible mother that I am, handed them their granola bars and caught up on a couple of my friends' blogs.  The next thing I know, Toby is chasing Levi through the play room trying to eat an entire granola bar worth of crumbs that are matted to Levi's pajama pants.  For the most part, he succeeded.  And yes, it's 1:43pm and my boys are still in their pj's.  It's that kind of day. 

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