Thursday, May 17, 2012

[5in5] Day 4: Dandelions

Breaking ground, planting seeds
Turning dirt and pulling weeds
Tend the garden, help it grow...  ow ow
But one nuisance will not go
those Dandelions

Sometimes the little things get in the way;
Try to remove them but they stay
Just look past them and enjoy the day
Just Ignore...
those Dandelions

Take a deep breath, soak in the sun
Here comes kiddo number one
Holds out his hand, opens his fist... oh oh
Offering Mom a beautiful gift
of Dandelions

Sometimes the little things that get in the way
Surprisingly they brighten up my day
A heartfelt gift that makes me say
I Adore...
those Dandelions

How'd this unwelcome guest become so wonderful?
A dozen dozen roses couldn't be as beautiful.

Paint a picture with my life
May my Lord be glorified
Even though I try my best
So often I just make a mess
But my best is all I have
So I'm Offering....
My Dandelions


  1. Kiera, what a sweet song! I loved it!

  2. Just love this song! Kiera!! So true and beautiful!! You have a beautiful voice and the guitar was so good!!

  3. Love this song Keira! Great job!

  4. This is beautiful. When my kids were younger they used to bring me dandelions all of the time. I had a friend over who witnessed this on one occasion, and she asked "Why are you putting those weeds in a vase with water?" I simply said, "There's something I know that you don't. If I take very good care of these 'weeds' one day they will turn into roses."

  5. Thanks everybody! This one came from deep down inside, so it's encouraging that people like it :)

  6. Jennifer from Sugerland is my favorite female vocalist in country music. I have enjoyed her music and voice for years, but I must say I am surprised by this from you. It was refreshing and meaningful. how often do we push the little heartfelt things aside as weeds when I am sure it is the same to Jesus all we have to offer are these wonderful flowers that are really weeds yet he calls them wonderful and is looking at those weeds saying to just wait there is more to come. The lyrical content was great and I was surprised by the style you sang it. Thank you for sharing it really is a very meaningful and well put togeather song.