Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[5in5] Day 2: FOR THE WORLD


Six AM,  I just want to sleep in
My babies are up with the sun again
I'm going crazy
Just want to stay in my bed

I was up all night just trying to write
Some music that would shed some light
On this craziness
That's going on in my head

I can't remember a full night of sleep
I'd like to get the chance to just count sheep

Laundry's piling everywhere
Almost out of underwear
Mold in the shower
Who has time for romance?

Snot and Slobber, Orajel
Diapers from the pit of xxxx
I need a shower
If I can just get the chance

I had a date today with Mr. Clean
But he took off as soon as he heard my teething baby scream

But it's worth it
Yah it's worth it
I wouldn't trade it
For the World.


  1. You certainly captured a season of life, Keira! And thanks for keeping it clean, almost.

    The harmonica was a delightful touch!

  2. This is the most awesome thing I've heard all day!