Monday, October 29, 2012


This has not been an easy year in the Luntsford house.  It all started last September with Toby, two at the time, in the hospital with pneumonia while we were at a conference out of state.  That was followed by five straight weeks of sickness, ranging from sinus infections to the stomach flu, from late October to mid December.  We had a break through the rest of winter, but, in March, we discovered that my husband had a blood clot in his leg, which can be life threatening if it's not resolved quickly. He had shots to thin his blood every day for almost three weeks and then went on medication to keep it thinned so the clot would fully dissolve.  Except for one week, we either had house guests or were traveling from the last week of May to the second week of July.  The third week of July we were in the hospital for a week with Levi and the seizures.  And to top it off, I turned thirty in June.  I did NOT want to turn thirty.  But, just like the rest of the craziness that I didn't want, it happened anyway.  I can't change it.  I can't make it go away.  The only thing I can affect is how I respond to it all.  And, the only way I can respond is to remember that through it all my God will NEVER leave me or forsake me.  For my last post, I shared the lyrics to a song that has helped to carry me through this time.  I found it on YouTube and wanted to share it here.  Whether you're having a hard week or a hard year I want to encourage you to take some time to focus on the goodness of God.  He is NEVER changing, NEVER failing, NEVER giving up, NEVER leaving, NEVER forsaking.  He is only good.

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