Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Wrinkle in Time

I recently had a milestone birthday, in my mind anyway. I turned twenty-eight. I know many of you (by many, I mean the five people who seem to read my blog) probably don't see twenty-eight as a milestone. But, for me, it is. I'm nowhere near as worried about thirty as I am about twenty-eight. You see, when you're twenty-eight, there's no arguing that you're in your late twenties. And when you're that late into your twenties, you might as well be thirty. And when you're actually thirty at least you can use the word "early" again. "I am in my early thirties," just sounds so much better to me.
Anyway, in my nearly four weeks of being twenty-eight I have made a new discovery - wrinkles! I have them. They're on my face. They're around my eyes, around my mouth, up my cheeks and on my forehead. I don't like it. If I have this many wrinkles at twenty-eight what will I look like when I'm fifty-eight?! I'm kind of nervous. I'm prepared to run frantically into the most expensive cosmetic boutique and buy every anti-aging product on their shelves.
I have been told, on many occasions, that if I'm consistent in moisturizing my face, it will slow down the aging process dramatically. I have been moisturizing for years. I can only imagine that if it weren't for my dedicated moisturizing, I could use the bags under my eyes to pack for vacation! I wouldn't need a diaper bag. I could keep an extra snack for Toby in the deep crevices around my mouth. But, fortunately, I have moisturized and I have the luxury of carrying my beloved Tommy Hilfiger bag with me wherever I go.
You know, I remember being little and seeing my grandpa's numerous forehead wrinkles when he raised his eyebrows. I LOVED them! I remember sitting in front of the bathroom mirror raising my eyebrows hoping for just one wrinkle! Once, I saw him do it and I asked him to help me. But to no avail, even a professional forehead wrinkler, like Grandpa, was unable to solve my problem.
Now, I have an entirely new problem. All that wishing for forehead wrinkles, as a little girl, has paid off. Little did I know that someday I would be twenty-eight wishing those very wrinkles away. See you at Estee Lauder!!


  1. haaa. I have to admit Ki, 28 was really hard for me as well. But 29 wasn't and I am not really worried about 30 either. Our wrinkles show our wisdom, didn't someone say that :)

  2. Oh, Keira, I miss you! You are such a crack up! Thanks for brightening my day and now you have 6 followers :o)

  3. It's ok, Keira. I turned 28 this year, too, and I have had 5 or 6 white hairs for some time now. I found them even before 28. I used to have moments of freaking out about them, and was sure that others were staring at them while talking to me. But then one day, God told me, "You could pluck them if you want." I don't know why, but for some reason that made things ok for me. If God doesn't care if I dye, pluck, or leave them as they are, then I won't care either. And if I decide to do something about them someday, I'll be ok with that, too.
    P.S. I also used to think deep forehead wrinkles were interesting, and looked in the mirror to see if I could make them on my head. What little kids don't know! Patience, patience... they'll come...

  4. Haha El! I actually like gray hair :) I have always wanted to be one of those ladies with a couple of streaks of gray framing my face. I think it's pretty, but wrinkles on the other hand... :)

  5. We're the same age now Keira. Surprisingly 28 doesn't bother me but turning 29 might be...depressing. We'll see. I have gray hair! Ahhhh. This old age thing is annoying.

  6. You know....you probably got those wrinkles from all that time spent in front of the mirror trying to get them.

    Wrinkles....at least I'm not there yet.

  7. This comment is just to let you know that the security word I had to type in to post the previous comment was 'coitypot'.

    Coitypot....I like it. I might have to start calling people that ;)