Thursday, April 28, 2011

5in5 Day 2: This Song

Here's song number 2:

This Song

Here's a little song that God gave to me today
He told me how He loves me and that in His hands I'll stay
Nothing can separate me from this love He gives
So in His hands and by His love I live

Now there's a little more to this song and it's for you
There's nothing you have done and there's nothing you could do
To keep you from the love that Jesus died to send your way
That's why He gave this song to me today.

Here's the link:


  1. a cappella and everything! This has a great bluesy feel to it. Kickin!!

  2. This one makes me smile. It's so catchy and smooth at the same time. : ) I like how the second and fourth lines of the first verse mirror each other - very niiiice.